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I started playing drums when I was nine. I played along to all Elvis and Beatles records. When I was 20 we had a band and we dreamed of what soon should become reality. We worked very hard and finally got a major record deal with BMG and later Universal. I had a "rockstar" career with my band Readymade from the 90s till 2004. During this time we lived our dream. Every year we played at the big festivals, cooperation with MTV, Nightliner tour busses, signing sessions and the greatest recording studios.

Hanging backstage with Dave Grohl and Metallica while your drum kit is getting setup by your drum tech isn`t the worst thing. This was heaven on earth, I can tell you.

When the band finally split up in 2004 I started to play with different artists like Botanica or Bee and Flower, Tito and Tarantula, Bela B., Winson and Mike Penny. Altogether I must have played in more than 20 different countries about 2500 shows.

I fulfilled my dream. But then my steady band career seemed to be over. To survive I spent a lot of time on the road as a drum tech for lots of big drummers such as Pink Floyd's Garry Wallis or Nena's Van Romain.

I also shaped the sound on hundreds of studio sessions with a lot of highlights like Die Ärzte, Travis, Max Herre, Royale Republic, Andreas Bourani and many others. I got a platinum award record and 5 times gold for my work as a drum sound designer, which I am very proud of.

A lot of my ideas have seen the light by other companies like Ludwig and Paiste whom I worked close with. You can see me in the Ludwig History movie as well...

After all these great experiences I decided to pass my experience and knowledge to the brotherhood of drummers and started my drum company. That was when Masshoff Drums was born.

In 2009 Ear Harvin (Sam Smith, Robbie Williams, Seal) and Brian Viglione (Nine Inch Nails) tested and recorded the first prototypes of my snare drums. They killed!

Suddenly a bunch of rockstar drummers wanted one and freaked out on them. I then started to personalize the drums for each client and combined art with drum making. The drums were then tested by different people and Bonedo.de claimed it as the worldÕs best snare drum. Thanks, if at all there is a best drum!

Even Charlie Watts said: "Udo, I,I,I want that drum!"

In 2010 I started the Masshoff Drum Sound School and Masshof Drums, because I experienced that lots of drummers are not able to tune their drums.

Since then I have tried to change the status quo and have taught my method and what you need to know about drum tuning and drum sound in private lessons in my lovely drummers club at Masshoff Drums.

In 2012 I even took it one step further and teamed up with my friends from Evans Drumheads to go on the road with my "Drumtuning Revolution Tour".

In 2015 we are touring together in our third year. Every year we do 4-5 tours and according to Evans it`s the most successful drum tuning workshop ever.

A short look back to the year 2013, I went back on the road as a drummer, because I started missing it so much. Playing out there every night and being in a tour bus is again the most beautiful and happiest in my work-life.

Plus it gives me the opportunity to test my products in a live and studio situation myself, because I have to keep moving and improving.

In july 2015 I released my second DVD "The Ultimate Drumtuning Revolution" where we're going

to tour extensively and throw a 5th anniversary party!

Stay tuned I`ve not finished yet!


Studio Drumsounddesigner


The drum sound on a recording is a very important thing. Recording a song is like building a house. You need a strong foundation to carry the rest. Any producer knows if you ain`t have a good drumsound you got nothing. The drumsound carries the basic vibe of the song. A great drumsound lifts your production one class up!


Most of the time I´m working in the studio, I call it drum sound designer. I´m listening to the demos, make suggestions on a fitting drum sound and make the hole drum sound on the recordings. I also take great care about finding the perfect cymbals for the song.

I think having somebody like me in the studio pays off. You don t waste expensive studio time by trying to find a decent drum sound, wich is mostly the whole first day! You can start recording right away with the perfect sound. The drummer is happy and inspired to play because it sounds and feels good. The mixing process will also be shorter because the drums were sounding perfect for the microphones and are a joy to mix.


I can recreate any drum sound you want. From 1920 till present. From Pop to Reggae and Jazz to Metal, everything is possible!


If you think you also need a better drum kit for your recordings I rent my stuff as well. Most of the time people want Masshoffdrums for recording, because they are killer in recording studios. But I also have a sorted selection of studio tested vintage gear and cymbals that I use for a long time.


If you need more information on prices for drum sound design for your studio production or the price for renting Masshoffdrums please click here


Andreas Bourani

Andreas Bourani
Staub & Fantasie

NI - Sudio Drummer

Where you stand

Royal Republic
Save The Nation (2012)

Max Herre
Ein geschenkter Tag (2009)

Till Brönner
(Till Brönner)

Andreas Kümmert
Here I am (2011)

Jennifer Rostock
Ins offene Messer

Die Ärzte
Jazz ist anders


Dauernd Jetzt (2014)



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