Why I build drums for you


In my career as a drummer and drum tech I have worked with nearly every drum kit and snare that has been on the market. In the good old days I owned about 300 snare drums and 100 kits myself. I was obsessed with figuring out what greatness there was in a particular drum and what was really significant about another one. But there has never been a kit or snare drum that really satisfied me as a whole.


Then I realized that if I wanted to get the perfect drum—one which will perform great in any situation, in the studio and live on stage—the only option would be to build it myself.


That was when the dream of building my own snare drums came to life.

It may sound like exaggeration, but after getting everything right on my first drum, for me it really felt like entering the heaven of drum sound.


At first I only wanted to build drums for myself and my work in the studio, but after several of my rock star friends tried this snare, totally freaked out on it, and wanted one as well, I was convinced that I had to build drums for others.


After a while requests rose and rose and I began to make a living from doing this. Not only that, this gave me the opportunity to go on building drums for all the drummers out there who really care about their sound and love to play this beautiful instrument.

I believe that anybody who really likes to make music and does it with passion and love, deserves to play an instrument made with love that give his or her gift wings inspires him or her to get better every day.


I deeply believe that these drums will give you so much inspiration and sound quality that you won't want to stop playing drums—ever. But the only person who can choose the right instrument is you, so see for yourself. You can find and play my stuff in a few well selected music stores in Europe or, better yet, come to my place in person and we talk and play drums together at Masshoffdrums.

How I built drums for you


I believe in a relationship between the player and his personal instrument. They are like soulmates. Therefore I think an instrument has to be handmade.


I usually meet my clients before I start making a drum, so I’ll be able to build a drum that fits your musical personality. I do everything by hand and each drum is unique, with its own soul and character.


I also do all the paintings and designs in my little atelier, and each drum makes its own way during that process.

The Art of Drum Making

Making of the "GLobe"-Kit

Why my Drums are more expensive than most  of the other drums?


My optimal goal is to build the best drums for you that can possibly be built. I believe that only a drum that consists of the very best parts in any area can achieve that ambitious target. This leads me to use the best materials I can get, which are, of course, more expensive than the average ones.

As you can see in the videos, a lot of handwork goes into those drums as well. For making one snare drum up to 824 single parts pass through my hands. An average snare drum consists of about 200 parts. Sometimes I’m sitting there for days getting everything right, so that your drums will become exactly the way you and I will love it. I believe that the fun and the inspiration you will get from these drums will be worth every cent and drop of sweat I have invested in building your new drums!



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