The Ultimate Drumtuning Revolution DVD



Almost every drummer has problems tuning his or her drum.

Drum tuning seems to be like a long forgotten art form, with its own mystique and secrets that only a few drummers know. It can seem a futile quest in a time when duct tape and pre-muffled drumheads rule.

But what if you don't have to settle? What if there is a method that is so easy that even your deaf and blind grandma could learn it?

Udo Masshoff is a platinum awarded drum sound designer and luxury drum maker. He has been in the business for more than two decades and has shaped the drums and drum sounds on more than 500 productions.

His workshop show "The Drum Tuning Revolution" has been on the road with Evans drum heads since 2010 and it is the most successfull tuning tour ever.

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In this video, which was produced in the famous Berlin Hansa Studios (U2, Depeche Mode, Iggy Pop, Bowie), Udo explains his unique Masshoff Tuning Method.

This is a method that allows you to tune a drum perfectly in just one minute. Further he will teach you how to create different drum sounds for many kinds of music styles.

Grab your drum in front of the TV or computer and simply follow along with Udo!

Take your time, open you ears—and practice at your own pace.


"This concept is the key to the world of drum sound. Take it, learn it and make it your own!

We expect this method to guide your drumming life forever after and hope it will inspire you to play great music. Because that's what it's all about!"



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