Why is it so important to tune our drum?

First of all, a not tuned drum can’t have a good rebound feeling, which means you cut your technical abilities in half. It is simply harder to play and some things you can’t simply do with a dead feeling of the drumhead.

The second would be that you can’t really get connected to the instrument if it is muffled to death or badly out of tune.

The third point is that an untuned drum is almost impossible to mike or record. This is why everybody uses duct tape, Moongel or pre-muffled drumheads, namely to make the drum dead and let the engineer and the technique do their sound. A sound which is not yours!

And fourthly, your music deserves a great sound, doesn't it?

The good news

is that there is a method which allows you to tune each drum perfectly in less than 2 minutes! The system is easy and everybody can learn it even laypeople or your grandma!





You can go to a music school for 20 years, study at a university or take drum lessons. Sadly, chances are about 95% that afterwards you still do not know how to tune your drums.

To change that, I started the Masshoff Drum Sound School in October 2010.

We have reached thousands of drummers through our extensive touring through drum shops, universities, recording studios and music schools.

But a three-hour workshop in front of 50 drummers can only start a fire. For those who want to go deeper into tuning and drum sound you can get private courses with me.

A day or two in my private 1930's drum lounge with drums, food and drinks and you are ready.

I offer one- or two-day private courses, one-on-one or small groups to 5 persons. You should bring your own drums, because it is better to work with your own gear or drums you might have trouble with. If you can’t bring them, no problem. We have fine gear here free for use.


For Drummers and sound engineers we offer following courses:



    1day - 7 hours


    This course is an investment in your skills to become a better drummer. It really turns your head!

    You will spend a day with me in a private drummer’s club atmosphere and we will talk. By the time we’re done, you’ll have the ability to tune drums!

    You should bring your drums and I will teach my tuning system for each drum. I explain to you how a drum works and what the basic physical principles are.

    Maybe we will talk about the symbiosis of body, soul and instrument. I will do my best to answer all the questions you might have.

    In short, I will give you the key to drum sound heaven but you have to walk through the door by yourself. No one leaves the house without having learned how to tune drums!



    GROUP COURSE (2 person): 289€

    GROUP COURSE (3-5 person): 209 €



    2days - 7h / 1day - 10h


    This 2-day course starts with the basic tuning course on the first day.

    The second day is all about how to achieve different drum sounds. We set up some microphones and soon you will know how it feels to be John Bonham or Ringo.

    This course is great for all drummers but it will be most beneficially for those who record a lot or play on the road. But we will even go a big step forward.

    I will show you some tricks how you can change the sound of your drums in seconds to support your music best.



    GROUP COURSE (2 person): 399€

    GROUP COURSE (3-5 person): 339€

For Engineers

I offer my tuning courses for engineers and producers as well.

I will teach you first aid drum tuning and how to get a matching drum sound on the production. This is very helpful, because if the sound of the drums in the studio is not working, you know what to do. I know a few engineers currently tuning the drums for the drummers in their studios. Because if you don`t have a great drum sound on tape you got nothing.



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