My drum kits are made out of my own patented and handmade 1,2 mm stainless steel shells. The power, sensitivity and tuning range are outstanding and not comparable to wooden drums. When you play these drums you’re not going to believe that steel can sound so warm and beautiful. The frequency range is amazing. My bass drums go easily down to 0 Hz. Your sound engineer will tell you!

I offer any drum size. From 6“ up to 40“. Everything from brushed look, chrome, finish ply, copper plating to Rolls Royce varnish is possible. I don't have sets in stock. This means that we design and handmade every drum especially for you!


Due to my special steel shell design these drums are as versitile and powerfull as it gets. Here are a few soundexamples that are possible with a Masshoff drumkit. Best is to listen to it with a headphone or high-quality speaker.


If you are interested to come by and test my drums just give me a call or write me an e- mail. I'm looking forward to See you at Masshoffdrums!

I can`t produce the drums in high quantities. But I really enjoy each trip a drum takes me during the making. It is like making a sculpture. I need time and inspiration to do it. This is what I really

love and it doesn`t get more personal than this.

Here are some examples of my work.



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